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No project of this magnitude can be completed without the help of those around us. Special thanks to the following people for all your help.

  • Jaime Ann Painter - beautiful bride, co-financier, rivet shooter/bucker, too many other titles to mention
  • Michael Stewart - A ride in his -6A insipired this project, seems to give me my RV fix at exactly the time I need it.
  • Michael Lewis - Help w/ main wing spar riveting.
  • Jim Easoz - Help w/ building tanks, disposal of crates.
  • Burt Carlisle - Fellow RV-7 builder who always answers my questions.
  • Will Berry - Helped me fit the tanks to the wing spars
  • Burton Carlisle - Helped me rivet more times than I can count.
  • Ron Brown - RV-9A builder, helped me bend my longerons
  • Bryan Padilla - My CFI that taught me to fly, helped me mate the wings, hang engine
  • Larry Thill - Helped me rivet, put the plane on gear and hang engine